‘Plan for You’ is a company that is striving for excellence along with other services. Our vision
is to deliver and promote leading services so that we can be our customer’s most valued business partner, in
addition to enhance respect, integrity diversity and trust to create favorable environment.


Simpler, faster, better together


Shaping the future by providing up-to-date IT services, discovering new paths and sharing our resources with the world.


Respect, Integrity, Diversity in services & trust to create new era of development.


To give clients most satisfactory experience possible by our versatile services
To use business to inspire and implement IT solutions
Customer Commitment and Satisfaction
To work hard to create respected service brand
To strive for mutual growth by giving best products
To increase entrepreneurship
To create unique, innovative and versatile designs
To strive for excellence

Harassment Policy

The act of systematic or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands. Our anti-harassment policy expresses our commitment to maintain a workplace that’s free of harassment, so our employees can feel safe and happy. We will not tolerate anyone intimidating, humiliating or sabotaging others in our workplace. We also prohibit wilful discrimination based on (age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, racial, religion or disability). This workplace harassment policy applies to all employees, contractors, public visitors, customers and anyone else whom employees come into contact with at work.

Harassment in the workplace

Harassment includes bullying, intimidation, direct insults, malicious gossip and victimization. We can’t create an exhaustive list, but here are some instances that we consider harassment:

  • Sabotaging someone’s work on purpose.
  • Engaging in frequent or unwanted advances of any nature.
  • Commenting derogatorily on a person’s ethnic heritage or religious beliefs.
  • Starting or spreading rumors about a person’s personal life.
  • Ridiculing someone in front of others or singling them out to perform tasks unrelated to their job (e.g. bringing coffee) against their will.

Sexual harassment is illegal and we will seriously investigate relevant reports. If an employee is found guilty of sexual harassment, they will be terminated.

If you are being harassed, whether by a colleague, customer or vendor, you can choose to talk to any of these people:

  • Offenders
  • Your manager
  • HR

After complaint we will take action through further procedure:

Punishment for harassment depends on the severity of the offence and may include counseling, reprimands, suspensions or terminations.